New Post: Questionable Ethics

The forum topic pointed us to a brand new add-on. It was unlike any mod we had yet to employ in progression. Most modifications to the UI assisted us with more efficient healing, tracking the raid’s damage and/or health, or gave us warnings that deadly mechanics were quickly approaching. This add-on, however, took it to an entirely new level. Looking at the screenshots and watching a few videos of it in action gave me pause, if but for a moment.

It was the first time I can remember being hesitant about adopting an add-on into our suite of tools.

Really big.

Just picking nits, could this be all italicized?

I, like so many thousands of other guild leaders, loaded their guild’s respective logs into the site on a weekly basis.

This reads as if you were loading other guild’s data into the site. Are you bringing up other guild’s data to compare with or just saying you load DoD’s info like many other guilds load theirs?

and used the time to search for his replacement.

Who was searching for Bul’s replacement? Was he or were you? Needs a small clarification.

trivialized as a result would put paint the situation in a positive light.

Remove ‘put’




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