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Aside from the one signifying a full clear of the first wing, the 25-Man had not yet completed an ICC achievement.

Before you rush to condemn Omaric and Bretthew, however, allow me to add some context that may be absent from the story thus far. The dual 25-Man raid leaders had an entirely different mission to accomplish and were busy leading the flock to that end. As noted earlier, raiders who plowed through the Lower Spire were left with plenty of time on their hands, but this free time slowly trickled away as The Plagueworks’ unlock date approached. Like a whiteboard from bizarro land, legacy boss names yet to be murdered still appeared in blood red. For Omaric and Bretthew, their immediate concern was to wipe the red away, and rewrite those names in black. Whatever held us up by this point – gearing concerns, poor players over the holidays – had to be put to rest.

Our tour of duty started in a cold evening in the middle of December

‘on a cold evening’

the fight unfolded as if it we had dropped out of the sky and into an Arathi Basin blacksmith battle already in progress.

Remove ‘it’

do everything they could to perplex with the raid team.

Remove ‘with’

The raid leaders weighed the differences in difficulty between what lay ahead in ToGC against other outstanding red names on the whiteboard.

I’d remove ‘on the whiteboard’ here just because you used it the previous sentence and just go with ‘outstanding red names’ (or maybe items since you are lumping achievements in with boss kills?)

So, we returned to the snow-capped peaks cradling Ulduar, hopped off our Ironbound Proto-Drakes to enter the ancient titan city, and made our way deep behind enemy lines, through ancient twisting architecture, arriving at the sealed door marked by four elements.

This sentence is a bit long, you could split it into two at ‘titan city. We made our way…’ or keep it as one and remove ‘to enter the ancient titan city’.

The locks beamed brightly upon activation and spiraled open, causing the enormous door to open and reveal a massive chamber of stars.

We get that the door is opening, how about remove ‘and spiraled open’ or change it to ‘spiraled apart’.

and the floor itself became glass our insignificant selves collected near the circular platform.

Add ‘as’ after ‘glass’.

the effect of which produced a “lite” version in 10-Man mode, perfect for those guilds who chose to approach raiding with a less serious amount of dedication.

Poke poke haha take that 10 man raiding!

The more new faces we took each each

Change the last ‘each’ to run, maybe time, raid?

bending the night sky to his whim as cloven hooves directed blasts of moonlight into Marrowgar’s three heads.

There it is again…Tauren had hands with fingers! We didn’t cast spells with out feet.

tagging each other out as while she suppressed their threat generation

Remove ‘as’



Algalon was also off our plate.

‘Algalon had also been devoured.’

I thought our Team Si’s first venture into the second wing would be a breeze.

Remove ‘our’

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Dalans caught everything I saw. Damnit.

With only one hour of attempts per week, attempts had to be efficient; recoveries, quick

Dont think the last comma is needed.

Rogues and warlocks dominated this fight, damage pouring into the great skeletal beast from players like Riskers, Blain, Eacavissi and Mangetsu.

maybe make it “burst damage” since rogues are bursty, probably warlocks too, and emphasis on 8 seconds?

While Omaric and Bretthew struggled to exchange hands,

I’m not a fan of this. Is this the best way you can write it up? Wrestling nods seems… meh?

Minor issue with your screenshot text from the Anub’arak achievement. The caption reads:

Anub’arak is slain after twenty-five swarm scarabs are destroyed
in under thirty seconds, earning DoD “The Traitor King (25 Player)”,
Trial of the Grand Crusader

This achievement took place in simply Trial of the Crusader as Grand Crusader was the terminology for the raid in Heroic difficulty. It was still called the same thing in 25-man.

But wouldnt he be in boomchicken form? Waves his feathery wings?

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Restructured the sentence based on your suggestion. Semi-colon to the rescue.

It’s like I have an agenda or something!

The word I was going for was ‘week’.

ffs. Rephrased.

All other edits rolled up. Lots of great catches here.

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Yeah, about that…

So, it looks like I may have overlooked the naming convention I was using on some of these posts, particularly around Tournament of Champions. You’re absolutely right, the achievements in ToC weren’t necessarily tied to heroic mode – if memory serves, you could do them in heroic…but it wasn’t a requirement. In fact, I think we did some of them in heroic, just because we could.

Will more than likely have to go back and review some of the previous posts that looped Tournament of Champions in, ensuring I used the proper terminology for normal vs. heroic. For now, I’ve updated those captions to read “Tournament of Champions” as the locale, rather than differing based on normal/heroic.

Good point!..but is now moot, since I rephrased it. THANKS, OBAMA.

You and Julie both agree, so I’ll concede.


Agreed, sounds odd and weird. Rephrased.

Also, everyone missed ‘gapsed’ as a typo; you’re all fired.

I had to read gasped twice just to catch the one you pointed out…

I’ll just keep my eye out for lazagnia’s, i can correct that word if google helps.

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