New Post: Pants Tres Bien!

The ability to exchange loot with players that were present when the
loot dropped (for up to 24 hours) was a wonderful feature that
Blizzard added to the game, to help us mediate some of this loot
drama. Unfortunately, that feature wouldn’t be implemented for another
three months
. So I said nothing, but only shook my head in
disappointment, a gesture which ended up being completely lost on a
person who was hundreds of miles away.

For a Paladin, he wasn’t exactly demonstrating the best judgement.

And, as a side-note, if you’re wondering what the title is in reference to (other than our infamous Paladin’s obsession with looting pants), it’s from this old Playstation commercial:

We slowly lead him around the circumference


and made our way into room

“a” between “into” and “room”

been corrupted by a evil presence

“an” rather than “a”

Edit: Rest of it looks good. And thus the legend of Divinepants was born.

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I’m enjoying the modified text for “in-game” chat. I think it’s a great tool for immersion in the story. It’s starting to read more and more like a novel rather than simply a blog.

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