New Post: Obsessive Compulsion

Maintaining a strict schedule of only two raid nights per week afforded me enough time to field all the remaining responsibilities on the other side of the screen. I ran my errands, paid my bills, grocery shopped, and spent time with the family throughout the week. Then, as the kids went to bed and Julie retired to her blogging, it was that evening time I utilized to piddle around, knocking out achievements or providing emergency services to other 10-Man teams looking for replacements. I glanced down at Blain’s text and balked at the proposal. I had a good thing going. Did I really want to risk jeopardizing the balance I’d managed to wrap my arms around?

“Oh, here’s Sixfold. Nice work being on time and all.”

Should Six be bolded, as you did for the other names on their initial mention in this weeks blog?

Looks like bolding/notbolding is not consistant throughout. What was your intent/strategy for this?

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This format is definitely interesting. I don’t mind it except that I read it so fast being on each line like that, that the conversation seems like it is going real fast in my head, in Vent it was more lax. Could be just me I’ll wait till others have read it to get more input.

My only comment so far would be, you are sure that the readership recalls that Mature/Kerulak are one and the same. I know we all take that as concrete but someone returning each week might forget and someone new might glaze over that completely.

But, this grace period wasn’t infinite:

Since this ends with a colon I don’t read a pause with the comma there, YMMV.

I jammed the Blacktip Sharp


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I read it more relaxed, but I think thats just because I expected it to be. Trash vent was always the best vent, even in the silence you can hear blain’s frustration.

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You are absolutely correct here, I missed the first callout. That has been my strategy thus far: bold a player’s name on first callout in each post. Fixed.

It’s not a guarantee at this point, but I have to walk a fine line with expositional material. If the conversation gets too “explainy” it comes across as contrived. The goal here is to deliver our experience to the reader, as au naturel as possible.

There’s going to be some ambiguity at times, and I’m fine with that. I think a bit of ambiguity works well, because that lack of names-to-faces identification existed in our daily lives when chatting with one another in Vent.

Where the real challenge is going to lie is when I start writing the posts where we meet each other at BlizzCon. To the reader, it should be the same as the blind learning to see. :open_mouth:

…but trash doesn’t matter!!