New Post: Nine One One

I lifted my headphones off just as the sounds of Blessing of Might and Arcane Intellect echoed in the distance, and I gave my son a foreboding “Yes?”, intent on conveying the severity of time at this very moment. I expected a request of ice cream or a new movie to be queued up.

‘Dad, there’s someone at the door. He says he’s having a heart attack.’

My headphones hit the floor.

Algalon hit a truck

Hit like* a truck

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helped him to the couch several inside.

several feet?

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The stove ablaze, the player recounts as the boss’s health trickles down, staying just long enough to secure loot before brandishing a fire extinguisher.

‘The stove ablaze, the player recounts the boss’s health trickling down…’

Ironbound Proto-Drakes

Formatting: include the ‘s’ in the hyperlink text.

and so thumbed a text back to Blain,

‘and so I thumbed a text back to Blain:’


No dashes.

We survived the first transition, but a series of mishaps led to a healer death;

Replace the semicolon with a period.


No dash.

Am I a bad person if someone showed up on my door drooling I would have tried to get them the hell out rather than, “hey yeah come on in and drool/die on my furniture”?

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No…because you’re not the only person to have asked me that.

Gonna refrain from rolling this one up. The sentence already has two "I"s; if the reader doesn’t know who did it by this point in the sentence, fuck 'em.

All others are good and rolled up.