New Post: Never Say Never Again

Each whisper must have been like digital daggers in Omaric’s eyes. Here’s an example of why you’re wrong. Here’s another adjustment which proves you don’t know what you’re doing. But Blain never held animosity nor delivered malice with his adjustments. “Switch the tanks.” “Let me call out the warnings.” “Group further back on the steps for iceblock.” What Blain typed and what Omaric read were two different things. Perhaps the differentiating factor was a simple lack of why such adjustments were needed.

Blain rarely explained himself. When he did, there were bigger problems at hand than simple re-positioning ourselves on the steps for iceblock.

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“From a camaraderie perspective, Descendant of Draenor couldn’t have ended Wrath of the Lich King on a higher note.”

Might want an s at the end of descendant.


A barrage of arrows mixed amongst explosive buckshot leashed into the undead dragon’s side

I’m not seeing a definition at least on Oxford that uses ‘leashed’ in this fashion. How about ‘ripped’ or ‘tore’?

He chuckled before switching back to Eh Team’s channel, a hint of indignance in his tone.

I can’t find a concrete ruling on this but it seems indignance (which comes up as incorrect in my auto-correct) is either an archaic or incorrect use of ‘indignation’ which I have heard much more frequently.

digital daggers in Omaric’s eyes

‘Eyes’ instead of ‘back’ eh? Whatever floats your boat.

When he did, there were bigger problems at hand than simple re-positioning

Change ‘simple’ to ‘simply’

DoD’s going to need someone like to set them straight.

Someone like…what? Missing a word here?

I thought back to that issues that manifested during Blain’s career

‘the issues’ or ‘those issues’ depending on what you are going for.

reminding us of the challenges we fast in the early days of raiding

Change ‘fast’ to ‘faced’


Jesus fuck.


Typo. Intended word was ‘loosed’.

Two different idioms. “Dagger in the back” represents betrayal. “Shooting daggers from one’s eyes” conveys animosity, anger, “giving someone a dirty look”, etc. The goal of the sentence wasn’t to imply @Omaric feeling betrayed by Blain, but rather, my interpretation that @Omaric must have felt like Blain was doing it to piss him off, upset him, convey a lack of patience and an increased temper – which wasn’t true, it was just a “guess” at the time based on the facts I had.


I’m gonna check as well, and report back. All other changes rolled up.

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Ha that was beautiful.

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