New Post: Emergencies

I’m still on vacation and wasn’t able to get much written, so here’s what you get:

The less we left open to interpret, the less my guild could take
advantage of.

That seems worded wierd. Reads more like your limiting the options of the guild rather then what your intending to say.

But I’m a retard so I’m not sure how you would fix it.

The way in which you interact with these human beings (WoW) is

Maybe change it to “(in WoW)”? I don’t like the feel as it currently is.

You’ve been kidnapped and are being held for ransom and/or are being

I’d love to be part of that text message.


I cannot make it to raid today, as I am currently in the trunk of a car heading to an undisclosed area. Also, please send help.



Rephrased. Try again.

I killed the sentence you didn’t like. I agree; it was awkward.