New Post: Eating What You Order

I’m posting it a day early as I leave for my long-distance drive vacation tonight.

Here is your next post for preview:

One of the changes I introduced in Wrath disallowed players from
cancelling when there were less than 24 hours before a raid
. It was a
gentleman’s handshake, an extension of good faith: I’ll give you the
flexibility of coming and going as you pleased, and in return, you
needed to commit when the clock ticked down to the final day before
the raid. Only emergencies would get you out at the 11th hour, and
that required you to phone or text me (or an officer). If you could
manage it, I wanted the name of the person who was replacing you. It
wasn’t the officers’ jobs to play Mommy and Daddy to spoiled brats
wanting to change their schedules on a whim. If you left us
high-and-dry, it was your responsibility to find a replacement.
Failure to do so would ensure reduced rotations.

sandwiched between a the festivities of a Mother’s Day

remove the first “a” (I said fix that last night! =P)

Cheeseus and I found oRA2 and were looking to use it a replacement

“…as a replacement”

If it wasn’t worth effort

add “the” after “worth”

You might want to clarify Cheeseus’ statement about the order of players in whatever meter he is reading off; I’m guessing damage but was he not healing on his paladin at that point? Multi-role? The enhance and elemental shamans were healing and beat a dedicated healer?

Obligatory, you know what grinds my gears statement. Answer: Bad transmissions.

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Good point, wonder if others read this and were confused, perhaps?

The enhance and elemental shamans were healing and beat a dedicated

The Ele and Enhance shammy’s healing stream totems were beating a crappy healer.


All the pants in the world man, all the pants in the world…

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I see London, I see France. I see… another pair of pants!?

Shawn, is there any way to dislike posts? Not mentioning any names or specific posts that I want to dislike, but for some reason the thought occurred to me that I may want to at some point…

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Again, Cheeseus called upon the (over) power of the Death Knight and put me to work tanking Vezax.

something about how this line reads bothers me and i can’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe (super) instead of (over), seeing as how overpower is a warrior ability ;D.

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In Discourse, disliking is simply indifference – doing nothing. Now, if there is actually a problem with the post (off topic, offensive, spam, etc.) you can flag the post by clicking the flag icon, and moderators will handle it appropriately.

I tend to want to agree with both @Kizmet and you on this. Maybe I can rephrase and still deliver the message of the DK being overpowered.