New Post: "Does it heal?"

Kelden’s stubbornness and apparent inability to see other’s
point-of-view gave off the perception of a cold bitterness that few of
the guild could relate to. He became the “Debbie Downer” of the guild,
the one who’s glass was half-empty, and whom identified with the
world’s faults, rather than take it upon himself to correct them.
This, in turn, led him to be the prime target of a more subtle,
passive-aggressive type of bullying. Once players realized Kelden’s
conservatism could be used against him, they sprayed guild chat with
raunchy jokes and innuendo liberally. He was also very good at
becoming annoyed with even the most inconsequential minutia that
comprised our everyday life in WoW. Between pulls in Naxxramas, Bheer
would often spam his prospecting macro, filling the channel with a
rainbow of gem colors – driving Kelden to the brink of insanity.

I didn’t always get unquestioned loyalty to the raid schedule when I
asked for it…so when those few players made themselves known, I took notice.

Could this be rephrased somehow? While I understand exactly what you’re saying, reading it I get the feeling that you’re referring to Kelden still, which contradicts your prior statement. Maybe something like “Others didn’t always give unquestioned loyalty to the raid schedule, so when… blah blah blah”?

As for the original reason I wanted to talk to him that evening, re:
the issue of Divineseal and his continued poor play, I took that on
myself, speaking to Divine about resolving it. As expected, there was
a lot of denial, a lot of “this forum post here says this is the right
way to heal”, and I just silently shook my head in disappointment as I
worked him back into the rotations – knowing full well that a much
better healer was quietly on his way out.

Feels like this should be in a sentence of it’s own? It feels like a funny jump between the thoughts mid paragraph.

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This post really makes me miss Shim a lot. The conversations about why she let her healing assignment die were always the best. “Shim, weren’t you supposed to be healing X?” “Yea, but he was a dick so i let him die, maybe now he’ll be nice”. Convo’s with her alone would always make my day, trying to convince her to just heal whoever she happend to have a seething hatred for that evening was always fun!

10 mans with her were never dull, thats for damn sure.

Dalans, if I can get Shim to come back and play, would you come back too?

@klocker Unfortunately I don’t really have a lot of time to play (read: I’m cheap so I can’t justify paying for a subscription as much as I used to). I maybe have 2-3 hours a night during the weekdays, and that’s when I’m not feeling tired which is rare. In addition it seems I always have some chore or project to do on the weekends which is going to increase once I move in October. =/

Far too often I’d have players try to take the reins at leading

As far as the expression of taking the reins goes this may sound a bit better as “Far too often I’d have players try to take the reins and lead…”

In his deeper withdrawn state, he spoke rarely, contributed little to the forums, and all the while I was none the wiser as this was the natural order of things for him.

I’m picking nits but the end of this sentence sounds kind of clunky with the two idioms in a row (all the while, none the wiser). How about “In his deeper state, he spoke rarely, contributed little to the forums, and yet I was none the wiser that this behavior was the natural order of things for Kelden.”

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Haha, she hated my guts from raiding 10-man with Starflex. Maybe it’s because she was tanking!

Other Tank: Taunt.
5 seconds pass
Other Tank: uhhh…
Me: Shim, pick up the boss.
Me: o_o …

That’s all I heard at least, hahaha.