New Dimensions

I hopped out of the “Raid Rotations” forum, then glanced at “Accomplishments” – the place I posted all our kill shots, the celebration of past victories and a focused channel of guild spirit. Players seemed to get a thrill when they were a part of kill shot, that one moment etched into eternity that proves their commitment. See me on the left? I was there. I helped DoD make this happen.

Then, an idea popped.

I finished up the raid rotation post, and mentioned that whomever was present in the defeat of Heroic: Maloriak would receive a small but “fun” surprise.

Correction: Aktauren is my cousin and, of course, the alt of Aktar!

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orbs of periodic frost damage which would exploded if coming into contact with another player.

“…which would explode if they came into contact…”

Blain issue his next order


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