Missing Post: The Sprint

To the guild, 2.0 meant a breath of fresh air, exciting new content
and challenges. To me, it meant the end of Vanilla progression. The
day that 2.0 hit, anything we had yet to execute would officially be
off-the-table, tainted by stench of these new talents…none of which
had been considered in the design of Naxxramas. Whatever we could
clear before 2.0 would be our legacy in Vanilla.

I wanted our final effort in Naxxramas to be significant.


God i miss that douchebag blain. I love how after the kill, his NJ speech was “Hey guys, we still have an hour, lets go kill maxxena”. Always pushing, what an adorable little dead rogue :frowning:


our damage dealers would all gaint a 41 point talent


tainted by stench of these new talents

sounds better as “tainted by the stench…”

Haribo had me and a few other Shamans on Kurst on Darange

“…on Kurst and Darange” unless they were doing something else during the raid…

Good one! I can’t speak to that, but you never know.