Missing Post: Streamlining the Approach

In revising/editing old posts, as well as re-telling them with greater clarity, I produced a gap between Battleguard Sartura and Maexxna. Right now there’s a “Coming Soon!” post that states I have yet to write them.

They’re now written.

I’ll try to get these up quick, as I also have the regular Thursday schedule to stick to, and I don’t want that to suffer, either. But this gap was bothering me, so I wrote like a bitch this long weekend and I feel better about having them done.

So, let’s get started:

In those days, having a boss on farm wasn’t always a guaranteed kill.
Sometimes RNG just didn’t work out. Sometimes Nefarian simply didn’t
want to play nice. But for the most part, we got work done, and A-team
inched closer to the more difficult raid content yet untouched.

The farming progressed slowly, and we did some initial work on Fankriss…but our initial attempts didn’t quite close the deal

Sounds redundant, remove one “initial”.

Everything else looks good.

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