Missing Post: Paying the Entrance Fee

In those days, there was no such thing as a daily quest – a quest you
could repeat over and over, racking up vast amounts of wealth. In
Vanilla, once you walked the entire surface of Azeroth, completing
every quest in every zone, quests no longer became your primary source
of income. From that point on, money came from either playing the
Auction House, or farming high-level mobs until your eyes bled. And
when carrion grubs in the Plaguelands dropped 2s each, it was a long,
hard road to 30g.

From Skeram up through until Fankriss

Sounds a bit clunky, do you really need the “until”? It sounds ok as either until or through actually.

Could we actually say we cleared AQ40 if 1/3 of it if others were doing the job for us?

“Could we actually say we cleared AQ40 if 1/3 of it was cleared by others?” (In hindsight I’d answer this question as yes because clearing it once was enough, heh).

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There was the problem of loot, that being nearly every boss we were
killing en route to The Twin Emperors producing nothing of upgrade

produced nothing

We knew by pouring over the Elitst Jerks discussions and examining the
loot tables buried within thotbott.com


Whatever inter-guild

Any other options?

Why? Is it too confusing stated this way? “Between Guilds…”

Eh just sounds funky. Might just be me. :smiley: