Little search 'fun'

Tried for a little while and couldn’t figure out the expiration code for this product. If anyone is an expert at googling, have fun.

The product: Potato Pearls Extra Rich
The Company: Basic American Foods

I am assuming one of these to be an expiration date code but could be something else.

09075B63 — ‘0907’ I am thinking is Sept 2007 but what of ‘5B63’?

Call em, phone number is at the bottom.

It turns out that the Potato Pearls are complete “ready to eat” instant potatoes, usually with an expiration date within the year (mine are good through November 2012), whereas the potato flakes are unflavored (but sound like they’d be good to mix with the dried onions and dried carrots), and are good for 30 years.

That’s from an LDS cannery site however and doesn’t list any brands (Mormons and preppers tend to be in the same boat of self reliance so there was a bunch of survivalist sites with the same topic). Consensus seems to be 1-3 years for the pearls, 20-30 for the flakes.

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Just buy some new goddamn potatoes!

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Well this was the boxed version. There was also a bad version that was expired 08. Ate that and it tasted just fine. But I am a little more weary of the cardboard container.