Legion Raiding

Neps and I had a long chat last night. Sounds like he is putting out feelers to gauge interest in running on:

Tuesdays: 7pm-10pm,
Wednesdays: 7pm-10pm

If you are interested, seek him out in-game! May be a few old faces returning to that crew.

Neps can be reached on battle.net @ Neps#1120. I’m Hanzo#1150.

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I don’t know what your policy is on recruitment, but I would be interested in running with you guys. I’ve been playing WoW since 2004 mostly in the same guild, but they have largely quit playing. I pop in on this discourse every once in a while since “Eight Years in Azeroth” caught my attention. Let me know if you want me to fill out a formal application or if anyone wants to contact me in Battle.net my handle is Sipher#1958.

@Sipher_1, hop online and shoot either Neps or I a tell (I’m Hanzo#1150). Recruitment isn’t nearly as strict as it was back in the 8YIA days, but if I’m sure if you’ve read the story, you know the culture and what we would expect, both in performance and behavior.

Right now, I think it’s safe to say Neps is looking for people that give a shit about raiding. If you’re posting on these boards, you’re 99% of the way there. Shoot us a tell.

Hmmm. This is interesting.

I’ve graduated to adult, which means I now have a real job, which means I don’t actually do much most of the time, which means I’m able to be on Battle.net at work. I’ll keep a lookout for you. If I could get Neps’ battle.net I could shoot him a tell, if not I could just hop online when I get home later.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Well shit hanzo why didn’t you write this blog years ago when recruitment was a bitch? Would have helped ease the gap!




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Updated the OP with Neps’ battle.net tag.

LOL @Klocker.

Its been a week reading this blog, then i see @Hanzo linked the forums in the comments under the blog post dealing with the first killing of the lich king.


Holy crap on a cracker batman, they’re still around!!!

Ill save you the blog praise you musta heard a million times hanzo, but thankyou and everyone else still around for… still being around. I just resubbed to wow. (Played vanilla to three days before firelands) its been a few years for me… It gives me hope, that people and guilds such as yourselves still play. Cuz holy crap alot has changed.

Unfortunately your 5 year plan wont work on me. (Stubbornly alliance) but i now know alot of what to look for in choosing a new guild. More than i ever knew or dreamed of knowing in the 5 years i played before. So above everything else, thankyou for that. (Now i gotta figure out HOW to find one. This guild finder thingy they put in game seems absolutely useless.)

Also: lets go team canada! (World cup of hockey kicking off this weekend)

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There’s still time to faction change!

Maybe for someone less stubborn lol. Besides they got you being a super awesome warrior, mine isnt needed.

I’m currently raiding elsewhere (Turalyon-US) but still linger around because DoD has been a part of the vast majority of my WoW playing experience. I’m sure I still got a few toons in guild over there, provided Mature hasn’t booted them all out!

Hah! small world, I went to Turalyon when Cata dropped to get into properly hardcore raiding. (norgannon was so dead back then for progression) I was in < Aeon > cuz they had a pve team that also did RBG’s and Arena. almost the whole 25 man raid roster did both and was good at both, its was a blast. I ended up as main tank pve and main tank for RBG too lol, only time i had a set of pvp gear fully gemmed and enchanted for prot instead of arms.

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