Leaders By Proxy

The tank sets the pace of the pulls and bears the brunt of the boss’s force; they drive the charge and you follow. Even if you don’t place them in a role of responsibility, your guild will grow to see them as leaders over time – it happens organically. Drecca may have been “cool” with my praise, but I made it a point to remind him of the precedent he was setting. He was quickly becoming the type of guildy I hoped my team would mimic: having a practical, laser-like focus on getting the job done, no matter the cost. I never heard Drecca drop phrases like “yeah, but…” or “maybe if we…” Here’s the obstacle, this is what we need to do. Get it done. Pulling in 3…2…1…

I will murder your in your sleep.

Lol, change the first “your” to “you” kek

The Class QA session was pure entertainment. Most sessions were littered with lightweight stuff for the staff to address. Why doesn’t (insert class) have its own special mount? Weren’t we promised a Moose? Where’s the dance studio? I’d hear questions like these and immediately have one of my own: Why are you wasting our time? I had to hand it to Blizzard, they are always incredibly patient and gracious with their fans, regardless of how inane the questions might be.
Class QA was a bit different – the real hardcore math nerds emerge. Why don’t you add a glyph to make this ability’s cooldown line up with other attacks? How do you plan to keep Mastery from making us too bursty in PvP and too dulled in PvE? Why hasn’t rage normalization solved the warrior’s resource management issues, and how do you plan to address? When these questions surface, I lean forward with my bag of popcorn.

These two paragraphs sound like you are making a contrast, yet they are both talking about Class QA?

So the text conversation with the lulz, are we meant to know who it is, because if so it isn’t stated or implied anywhere…

The person’s name doesn’t matter, but the story hooks into a follow-up post.

Wasn’t my intent, and I now see the confusion. Rephrased both paragraphs.

The first 2 pics are the standard pop up thingy, but the 2 wall pictures are separate pages, intentional?

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Unintentional, and now fixed. Good catch, @klocker