Kelden Quotes

I’m trying to get caught up again on writing several blog posts in advance, and a quickly upcoming topic is that of our Shaman Officer Kelden, circa Ulduar 25-Man raiding.

Kelden was a different breed of cat in that he had a pretty dark observation on whatever the current conversation was in guild-chat. It wasn’t quite “the sky is falling”, perhaps a little bit closer to the effect of, “Hope you’re not planning on going outside today.”

I’d like to use one of these Kelden-quotes in an upcoming blog post. If anyone has any screenshots or specific memories of quotes / things that Kelden said during his tenure in DoD, please post them here!

I wish I could help. All I know is that he was an angry, bitter person during his stay in DoD.

Any event in particular that makes you remember him this way? We might be able to piece it together.

I myself don’t remember him as bitter so much as easily offended (Mr. Conservative). There’s also “bitter” which is quite a difference from just plain “cynical”.

I didn’t have many conversations with him. Usually healer shop talk about whether or not a person should spam decurses or how the crap I got the numbers I did out of my gear.
I do recall that he was an avid Glenn Beck fan and had many super conservative arguments in Gchat. I mean, my name is Guns and I was made to feel like I wasn’t that redneck around him.

I’m late to the party and not much help either. I remember that his views were polar opposite of mine and he was very vocal about his beliefs. I’m very non-confrontational so I usually just ignored him … not literally in game … just didn’t pay attention to him.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call him bitter; cynical and rash seem more like it, IMHO. He was a cool dude, with a solid understanding of his class and role in raids. If I had to quote Kelden it would be, “Fuck Off…” when his healers were called into question during a boss fight. I think this was said to just bust his balls and not identifying a problem with an encounter. He seemed cold and unapproachable but was a very friendly guy with a very different sense of humor who was always willing to help out. He game me some great advice for healing on my pally that turned me from a garbage healer to “…hmmm, no other healers available?..Okay sure, bring Wes.” Sorry if I wasn’t more helpful. I don’t have heavy details for that chapter of my DoD tenure.

Bitter? How rude! At least Riskers knows what’s up, good lookin’ out bro. And Guns you know I was right about that decursing!