IT jobs

Any one know of any places that are hiring entry level tech jobs? I’ve talked to Plainstrider/Ratchild (aka Brian) about some and didn’t know if any one knew of some companies I could try and possibly get on with. I have an AAS in Computer Information Systems that I’ve had for over 5 years now, but no luck finding anything on my own. My current job situation doesn’t involves computers. I live in AL, but I’ve come to the point where I think it best if I try out of state for sure because I want a fresh start somewhere. Any ways if any could help or have any advise, etc… I’d appreciate it.

This is a pretty broad question, so let’s start with the question that’s most likely to narrow down your options quite considerably:

Do you prefer to work with hardware (installation/configuration/administration) or software (programming/design/development) ?

You’ve had the AAS for 5 years, just over 5 years, or longer? You say your current job isn’t in the IT field, what was the last network or server OS you worked on? Are you looking for something like help desk/level 1 or jr. admin/level2 or something higher?

I’m also currently looking around myself and I didn’t have college education so I went the certification route. I’ve been able to get ok jobs with my certs but not careers. Careers come with more experience (I have about 6 years total, probably 3 server side and I still haven’t found the right fit). I’d say right off the bat an employer might be a bit worried hiring someone even with a college degree that hasn’t worked in the field for 5 or 6 years, especially in the IT field.

Definitely answer those questions that Hanzo asked, then maybe get a home lab setup and look at some relevant certifications for where you want to head. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see something immediately that doesn’t pique your interest, I have Windows certs out the ass but if I’m honest I hate working with Windows.

I’ve been searching for the past month or so as well, fuck me is it difficult to find entry level positions that don’t require 2+ years experience. I went the college route as well, figured having an AA would help me out a bit, took a few of the cert classes and from talking with the instructors and other students who already had the certs decided to just finish the course and not bother shelling out for the cert test itself. Now I’m starting to regret that decision, would have been an extra couple of things to list on the ol resume in place of experience (A+ and CCNA certs only).

I’ve had to look out of my area, living in a small shit town and all. Only places around me that regularly need IT guys are hospitals/schools/casino’s, so you may try looking those routes. Schools seem to be fairly hard to get into, very high demand plus they are REALLY bureaucratic about it here in cali, they will hire from within first but are required to interview outsiders as well, even if the position is already essentially filled from within.

Yeah it used to frustrate me as well looking at positions that were essentially help desk but then said like 3+ years experience…uhh what? And you are still only paying less than 40K? My comment to that would be, if you know you can work the environment, apply anyways, do whatever you can to get in front of a person and talk to them and explain your situation. I’ve done this, I can do this, I can learn this and fast.

The certs definitely help because an HR person, or even a recruiter is going to look at that go “Oh wow, look at all the technology this person has touched.” I’ve got an MCITP 2008, MCSA 2012, CompTIA Sec+, a CCENT and hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have finished my CCNA and all those logos are right at the top of my resume. Just eye candy to get in the door and talk to someone because those pseudo-legalese descriptions they write in job descriptions is all crap, they just can’t say on the job board “we need someone to reboot the server every now and then.”

As for Houla, definitely look at contract work if you want to get out of AL, I get emails all the time for contract positions 1 year/2 year in other states.

A spot I applied to today uses Sologig but I don’t have much experience with that one but Indeed is my go to. You can usually avoid a lot of the BS you have to put up with at Monster and Dice (even though you will still find places wanting you to sign in and “create a profile” and fill out a ton of shit on their proprietary site).

I graduated with my AAS in CIS - Network Option from a community college here in AL. It has been almost 6 years now, graduated in May of 2009. I’ve never had a tech job, but I did have an internship which lasted about 2 or 3 months just so I could graduate. Current job I have is working for Walmart at a DC which is nothing but labor work. The pay is alright, but I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life. I started at a store while finishing degree and never found a job to replace it so I’ve been with the company ever since the beginning of 2009. @Hanzo I’d have to say Hardware is what I truly love about computers, but I am fine with working with software as well. @Dalans Anything really to get me started. Most places I try to get hired on send me a rejection letter stating they chose to take someone more qualified or experienced. It’s like beating my head on a wall…“How am I going to get experience if no one will give you a chance?” I’d hate to move out of state, but I think it is my best option. I can always move back if I chose to after a while. I just need something to get me started and pays enough to live on my own.

Well if you aren’t opposed to retail stuff since you are already working at Walmart you could look for a spot with Best Buy’s Geek Squad but I’d prefer a local shop that specializes. When I moved back to the Delaware Valley I found a small franchise branch of a larger company that had 3 employees and got in there as the main support tech besides the owner and that helped to get a lot of desktop and some server work under my belt so my resume wasn’t only the crap manual labor jobs (I had done photo processing prior to that). I did take one contract for a few months installing smartboards and linking them up with desktops for a school in Baltimore.

I would say look for anything that’s level 1 help desk and go from there. You are probably going to have to deal with a call center or managed service provider unless you can find a local company that services home users or small businesses. I’d say don’t bother with contracting for a level 1 spot unless it definitely says contract to hire and they are serious about it, the last thing you want to do is end up out of state after a 6 mo. contract is up.

Well my current job I’ve had for 4 years now has been loading trailers which is considered logistics, but first 2 years was at a retail store. In the past I have tried applying to Best Buy for the their geek squad, but apparently I am not qualified for that in their eyes. I’d prefer a company I could work my way up in. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am now, going from 6.60/hr to my current 19/hr, but it’s very fast paced and labor intensive which I can’t do for the rest of my life cause my back will most certainly give out. But yeah, at this point in time I’ve reached my breaking point I guess on finding a tech job is why I posted this to you guys seeing how you all are like an internet family to me.

Have you tried going into walmarts tech department selling that stuff? Will at least let you put down customer relations experience w/ IT stuff. Would probably be a downgrade job wise, but every little bit of resume fluff helps?

I’ve tried getting tech job at where I work. Problem is that unless they really like you or have been there for 30 years you aren’t getting the job. Only other tech jobs I’ve seen are corporate like in AR and what not, but most of what I’ve seen are BS degree req jobs.