Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha

I recently got invited to the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha! I was wondering if any one else did too. Maybe we could get strategic team formations a brewing! muhaha…

I wish I had it. :frowning:

This would be the second wave of invites I have heard of. So far I like it. The game is completely based on skill, and waiting to see what talent build your opponent is so you can counter it. Team fights are over in an instant. If you miss an objective camp, odds are now forever NOT in your favor.


I got mine in the first wave of invites. Haven’t played it at all.

I saw @matticus talking about HotS last night on Twitter:

He’s good people (believe he lurks here from time to time), and I expect there’s more like him that are looking to group up. I try to play a round or two a night, though have been sidetracked with FTL. Ping me if you see me online and let’s get some rounds going.

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I’m a huge lurker! Though I haven’t been lurking as much lately with just so much going on.

I received my access earlier in the week. I believe Blizzard opened testing up internationally. I’m currently maining Pudge? No. Blitzcrank? No. Thresh? No.


Personally, I’d love to pair up with someone who stuns/bursts (I grab the guy, we DPS). I’m haven’t looked fully at the rest of the heroes yet to determine an actual team comp. But since I’m just level 6, I’m learning more about the ropes of the maps than anything else. Compositions can come later.

Be advised though, I am a competitive individual. I used to compete in CS 1.6 in CAL-Main (central) division. Used to play in the Alienware League of Legends tournaments (and go4lol). Doesn’t mean I get angry or rage out or anything. If that, I get more upset at myself for failing because I set unrealistically high expectations of my own skills. My long term plan is to eventually manage a Heroes team under my guild. I’m not even concerned about playing or competing (since I have a guild to run as well). But just managing the admin work, and letting the team handle the playing, the strategy, etc, that’s what I’d like to do.

For now though, STITCHES WANT TO PLAY.

I’m not sure exactly how the Alpha invites go. Are they tailored specifically to the account they send it to, or is it just enter a code on the site? I’m just wondering because if they are codes and someone happens to have a code they aren’t using, I would gladly take it. Currently playing the waiting game while all my buddies are playing the Alpha.

The regular invites are tied to the account. Make sure its selected as an option on your Battle.net beta profile. One day it’ll just show up on your Battle.net desktop app.