Guild SoO - 100% Garrosh BoA

From now until WoD is released, the Garrosh BoA weapons are a 100% drop rate (if you’ve never received the weapon before), so we’ll be attempting to put one together as people are available.

Check in each weekday at 6:00-6:30pm PST to see who is on and if we can do it.

Lockouts don’t work as they use to I guess -

Normal (Flex) can’t queue for certain wings either - so I’ll be on every night trying to get a fresh run going on my tank. If there are no takers I’ll just step into the premade queue and get as high as I can get to Garrosh and save his lockout.

Just got my Mythic 1H strength weapon on Thursday. Aww yeah.

I definitely need this! I’d like to get it for my hunter and if possible, my other lvl 90’s as well.

feral druid, fury warrior or frost DK. shawn should still have my number if i’m not online.

Edit: warrior does have tank great if that helps.

Starting to put together one now (impromptu), will text folks as I can.

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We should probably do one more before thursday.