Guild Invites

Couldn’t find a way to send a message so I’ll just make a post. I just started back playing WoW again recently. Only my hunter is in guild and was looking to get my other characters in guild for perks etc. Could a couple of people promoted or what not so we can be able to invite into the guild when ever needed? Btw, If any one still plays, whether it be starcraft diablo or wow, feel free to add my on as a friend. My battle tag is Houla#1118

Hey @Houla, nice to see you made it over to the new boards!

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@Kaylena’s recently been promoted to handle invites when I’m not around, but I’m usually not too far. If you don’t have me on realid, it’s just my gmail (shawn.a.holmes ‘at’ account.

Also, free tip: Check to see who is online, and if you see Ariel on one of her million alts, you can ping her and have her ping me, since she sits 3 ft. behind me and is on WoW damn near every minute of every day.

Alternately, you’re free to text me, send me a Facebook IM, post a msg here…lots of different ways to get my attention.

Also if I am online and you aren’t comfortable pestering Shawn, I’d be happy to do it for you. I have perfected it over the years.

Well I asked Kaylena and said they can’t. I think only you and people under El Jefe rank can do invites, which mostly consists of yourself and Neps.

I promoted her specifically for this reason, so I’m amazed I never heard anything from her regarding inability to invite.

She now can.

Is anyone online who can send me an invite? Erk#1905