Greetings from the Past!

Hey everyone!

I was recollecting a time gone by of immense nerdiness when I achieved HWL. Fortunately, it led me down the rabbit hole of DoD and the time I spent enjoying WoW in the company of other fantastic gaming enthusiasts.

I’m sure there are still familiar faces around, and perhaps a few new ones. To all of you I say Happy Holidays and New Year. I hope the years in my absence have treated you well.

Thanks DoD!


Howdy, stranger! Hopefully life has been treating you well. Nice to hear from ya. :slight_smile:

We were just talking about you in Discord the other day. Are you a doctor yet?

Yup! I’ll give you the run down of where I’m at:

I graduated Medical School in 2013 from Oklahoma and went on to an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency in Shreveport, Louisiana (training in my chosen specialty). It was at this point I picked up the MD, but function as a State employee under supervision from other Orthopaedic surgeons.

I graduate Residency this year in June (most surgical programs are 5-6 years of training), and will be moving on to a Sports Medicine Fellowship in Cincinnati (one year). I become “Board Elligible” this year upon completion of Residency.

I sit for the written exam to become boarded (American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Part 1) in July, then sit for oral boards in two years (review/defend cases in front of a panel of surgeons, Part 2). If all goes well, I’ll be fully boarded and free to practice as an independent Orthopaedic Surgeon at that time.

In all, from high school to passing my boards, it’s roughly 20 years of education and training. As you can imagine, I’m looking forward to being finished.

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Rather than start another topic, another blast from the past :slight_smile:. Big wave to everyone!

Good to see you guys are still going strong! I just resubbed and am playing whenever i get the time.