Flames Talking to the Wind

The raid stood near the creature’s feet at 10:45pm, quickly buffing and preparing for a showdown with the side of a mountain. With only 15 minutes left in the raid, we had but one real shot at Lord Rhyolith before the night was done.

And one shot was all it took.

Arch’s app needed help.

I’m assuming this is a coworker? Since its been a while since a real life flashback story, maybe you should identify that?

Ragnaros minions

Needs an apostrophe.

I known of Al’Akir

“I’d known”

chopping room floor.

Is “chopping room floor” the programming equivalent of a film editor’s “cutting room floor”?

They began as trash, and ended as ash.

Clever girl.

through a bevy of fiery river

Bevy suggests multiples of something so I’m guessing this should be “rivers”?

an nightmarish creature

“a nightmarish”

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Arch made his appearance in “We Run S#it”. This was thirteen posts ago. Given that my normal weekly posting schedule has fluctuated between 1-2 weeks for several months now, this may actually seem longer than it is.

Nevertheless, I’ll think about how I can refresh the reader’s memory. In the meantime, all other edits rolled up.