Final Fantasy 14 First Look

Looks like if you preorder it then you get it cheaper. But it is sub based.

Anyone played it yet (obv. in beta)? Thoughts/opinions?

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On topic: Haven’t played it yet and most of what I have heard about the online versions of the FF series is they have been bad.

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This saddens me. Could you elaborate or source?

Edit: friend just sent me

Unfortunately it wasn’t an online source. It might have been the first version that went MMO so it probably won’t reflect on this latest version just something I heard in passing from a co-worker.

Well, I think the first FF MMO was just utterly insane on the hardcore level. Like 10 hour long world boss fights and absurd stuff like that. Haven’t had an interest to try it first-hand but I heard from a few people that it fulfilled the Asia-level hardcore niche and that’s about it.

EDIT: Actually 18!

Well, that’s one case but apparently there’s a lot of hardcore in their MMOs for sure.