Fear of the Unknown

Soot said nothing. I stared at the screen a moment in stunned silence.

You know, you could probably build a house faster, too, if you didn’t use any concrete, insulation, nails, roofing materials, tile, cabling or plumbing…and just leaned a bunch of boards against one another. Like a rook.

Off and into the dark recesses of my mind stretched an unending series of red flags into forever, flapping violently, harbingers of the forthcoming disaster.

ahhh, one might say she was in-nep’t!

it’s a pun!

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It’s a non-negotiable.

Remove the “a”

You could be putting someone in charge that seem like they’re an expert.

Seem to seems

And how closely had I ever examined those meters?

Personally I put the emphasis on “I” in this sentence because you are contrasting you reading the meters vs others reading them and you missing something. Or just yourself reading them vs ignoring them/taking them for granted.

I knew I’d get a response out of you!

I’m not disappointed!