Elder Scrolls Online

It’s now officially launched and it’s going fairly smoothly so far. Anybody playing?

If so, shoot me a friend request to: @Solsten

I’m definitely having a good time so far. Cyrodil is pretty amazing (primary PvP area but it’s massive and includes tons of sandbox PvE stuff to explore). All 3 of the first dungeons (level 12) are pretty enjoyable. Crafting has a lot of depth, even at the low levels. Really love the skill system. Combat starts slow but gets a lot better as you start really building and customizing your character. Just some quick and dirty insights for anybody who hasn’t seen much from it yet.

Figured I’d see if there was anybody to friend up with.

I was very excited about ESO, but once i heard they were including a race in the collectors edition i said fuuuck that. I don’t mind the pay/subscribe model, but you start throwing in f2p gimmicks like having to purchase a race, that just raises to many “money grab” flags for me.

I liked the beta though, gameplay was pretty fluid. I REALLY like the idea of being able to unlock all of the skills. I didn’t get too far into tradeskills, but they seemed interesting.

Hopefully they will pick a pay style and stick with it, f2p or subscription, but until then I’ll just stick to lets plays :slight_smile:

I guess the CE including a race beats being able to pay real money for max level characters… ugh @ character boost being buyable and not just coming one-time with the WoW expansion.

The passives for Imperial are pretty generic as to not make it feel mandatory, but I never raised much of a stink about it since I was getting the CE anyway. So long as the buy-able stuff doesn’t go beyond that into an advantage category, I’m fine with the race. Game is really enjoyable so far though, especially in the higher levels. My toon is about 20 right now and I’ve gone through some serious challenges already.

I’ve been digging the remake of FFXIV. They did so much right. I was pretty skeptical, but the 50% off Steam sale including the CE sold me (along with friend harrassment). They really perfected what they had going with FFXI’s job system. It feels good to have one character swap to another role and maintain all of your character progress. If there is a tank shortage in the dungeon queue system you are rewarded by swapping to one and playing one while still getting any type of item currency (think valor points in WoW) to put towards the job you’re focused on at the time.

I’ve been thinking about giving ESO a try. It was actually the main reason behind me building my current computer I have, but ever since it got closer to launch and the fact it is released now I’ve been skeptical about it. Any one else play this? What is your thoughts? With the new WoW expansion later on this year, I am just wondering if it worth the shot to give ESO a shot or wait for expansion. I’d hate to invest time and money in a game only to quit a few months down the road like I did with FFXIV.

As always, the WoW expansion will bring people back but the current state of the game is unfortunately suffering from the same problem it always has: releasing a final tier and dragging it on for absurd amounts of time. That’s probably going to happen again and again but, as always, it rarely deters people from coming back. My guild just went on break from raiding until 6.0 but that still seems so far off. I guess that’s a testament to how much MoP has dragged on.

It really depends on what you’re looking for. I’ve put a lot more hours into ESO than when I created this thread and I feel like it’s better the farther you get. The introductory content is a bit more plain than the stuff you get into, but once you’re waist-deep into the game there is definitely a lot to do. I think it would depend on how the combat appeals to you. Starts slow, again, but once you have a lot more choices your builds can get quite interesting. You can have two bars of 5 abilities + 1 ultimate at a given time but it’s a fluid system where you can swap bars/weapons in-combat and change your bars at any time for free, on the fly, depending on the situation. For example, if you spend your skill points (of which there are many) the right way, you can literally switch between full DPS and full effective healing on the fly in combat. I really like the flexibility in how you can build your character.

I’d look up some level 20+ dungeon videos and see how those aspects appeal to you. The bosses, combat, dodging, and all that happy stuff. Even if you weren’t heavy into PvP in other MMOs, I still maintain that Cyrodil is a stellar zone. It’s the one-stop PvP zone that’s bigger than several zones put together. Many castles, keeps, resources, and siege weapons at your disposal as 3 factions can fight it out. What impressed me more about that zone was the unscripted PvE you can find there. In true Elder Scrolls fashion, you can wander around and find delves (public dungeons), towns, quest hubs, and all that within the PvP area itself. It’s that big.

This could be a decent time to go over what they announced for their first content update: Craglorn. It’s something called an adventure zone which we now know is a full-fledged max level zone they add to the game. Only wrinkle in that is all the content, public dungeons and quests included, are for groups of 4 players. The public dungeons here are actually instanced to your group though, but they’re more like mini dungeons akin to the normal stuff you would discover while playing solo, only tuned up for a full group.

Coming with the update is also the first raid, a 12-person Trial in Craglorn. As always, there are loot drops from bosses and exclusive items to be found there, but all Trials are also timed so once you have it down, you can push to clear it faster to move up the leaderboards. There’s supposed to be some kinds of bonuses associated with that, a bit of incentive to keep repeating the content weekly aside from loot. The other tidbit they revealed was that there would be a group-total limit on how many resurrections can happen to pass the Trial. That might seem rough but this particular piece of content is only designed to take a couple hours tops to clear so it’s more for the competition of learning it then really getting it on farm.

Seems pretty interesting for a first update but that’s what’s down the pipeline. Otherwise, at max level, you continue to earn Veteran Ranks which are like levels and are actually required to equip certain higher levels of crafted gear. There are Veteran Rank dungeons (heroics, basically) as well as the opportunity to continue questing in the other factions’ territories, tuned up to in difficulty for level 50s only. I would say there’s a lot to do at the moment but we’ll have to see how well they keep things fresh and what kind of content they add. The Q&A said not all updates will be Trials or Adventure Zones, but they have a lot of things in mind such as adding stuff like the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild and some solo-oriented stuff. Time will tell but I can give a positive review at least from my perspective.

Do you play on a certain server Jung? I decided to buy the game and give it a try since I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for this game lol :slight_smile:

So who all did the ESO dupe bug? Looks pretty simple. I doubt you could avoid it if you were unaware of it.

What actually happens is that through the ESO item dupe bug in question, people can deposit an item in the Guild Bank and withdraw the item for virtually infinite times. It is as simple as that.

All you need to do is to get an item once and then keep spamming withdraw and you will keep getting millions on millions of the same item.

North American megaserver. There aren’t separate realms beyond that. Feel free to send me a friend request to @Solsten and I’ll get you in a guild too if you want. To clarify, the megaserver doesn’t mean you’re playing with a zillion people anywhere. It heavily relies on phasing and different instances of the same areas to group people accordingly. It’s very dynamic too. The benefit is that you can literally group up, talk to, and play with anybody on the entire megaserver. It’s pretty sweet.

@ Bonechatters: Didn’t do that, myself, but that might be the reason why guild banks were temporarily disabled last night. Patch today too so I haven’t logged in yet.

I’m @kizmet. Figured I might as well give it a go.

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