Dungeon Keeper (original, not shitty pay2play mobile) - Free!

Gog.com is having a Valentine’s Day special, and is taking advantage of all the hype in the media surrounding Dungeon Keeper’s recent blasphemous release as a pay2play tablet game that blows ass. Fuck that shit! GO NOW AND GET THE ORIGINAL FOR FREE!

Not to mention Dungeon Keeper 2 is only 1.49$

I suggest getting both, and then checking out the real remake coming out soon on steam.

I absolutely second this, provided it works in Win7. I have the original install CD and have had problems getting it to work without some significantly shitty sound-effect glitches. But if you can, yeah…DK2 is the bomb-diggity.

I believe in the most recent change in GoG’s tos, they provide a money back guarantee if you report the game is unplayable due to glitches, and they can’t fix it/don’t fix it within 30 days, you get your money back.

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Just tried the GOG version. Works flawlessly. Oh wondrous evil!

I mentioned this to Shawn but figured I’d post it here too; this game is the 007 world version of Dungeon Keeper and is totally tits:

The Lou Holtz of video game related things…couldn’t even watch. Like a duck with a mouth full of marbles.