Diablo 3 guild/clan?

Is one already made or once i finishing downloading this new 2.0 loot update should I make one?


To my knowledge, no one has ever made one. I’d be interested in joining, however, I never leveled up completely. I’d be pretty far behind.

Also, I just noticed they’ve announced the latest expansion: Warlords of Draenor. Ready to tackle the Pre-Outlands Outlands?

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Lame. The character limit cuts it off at “Descendants of Draen”

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I’m totally in for this if you get one made. Got 60 barb, monk and wizard and paragon 58 or something like that.

Logging on, it looks like there are quite a few clan tags on my paltry friend’s list already. Perhaps it ought to be a DoD community instead of a clan?

Is a clan different than a community? This is all new to me. If a community is just some sort of friends chat channel then that sounds cool.

I believe your assessment is correct. Community is like some kind of chat or forum on a specific topic.

BTW, “Heretics of Draenor” is now live in D3, so grab your invite.

I’ll be ditching my clan after work and I’ll hop over to Heretics of Draenor. I originally made one called Seekers of the Cube.

Can we make it “Descendant of Draeno”? :smiley:

WTB Battle.net clan system to link the games, ETA soon?

Seeing a bunch of the old timers online hanging out is pretty nostalgic, and awesome, even if it’s just D3. Hopefully we keep it rolling when WoD comes out. Gotta add some chapters to that book, now that we are all famous ya know.

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Hmmm. I keep searching for it and it isn’t coming up. My tag is Philotheos#1114 if you can invite that way.

join “Deathwing Server” community :smile:


Sorry for this not having been made clear. The Diablo III version of DoD is HoD: “Heretics of Draenor”.

“Descendant of Draeno”