Anyone else hooked on this game or is it just me? Hit me up PSN: monkhaus

Blain sent me a text the other night, asking if I was playing (I avoid FPS games on consoles like the plague), but how is it?

Reviews have been scathing, as of late.

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I like the style. I like the classes. I like how you aren’t really told what to do once you hit 20. Story is lacking but set up for expansion. I’m level 21 on my titan. 11 warlock and haven’t much fooled with hunter. After a couple of days trying to relearn how to play without keyboard/mouse I find the game much more relaxing even when being swarmed. I don’t have a mic so most conversations are carried out using one of four emotes sit, point, wave and dance. Anything good happens you dance. I enjoy it but I think a lot of people expected more from it. I expect this game to live on for a long time.