Cynical FPS Critique

Gaming in general is evolving. Good or bad? Take your pick.

Now as a youngun back in the day I didn’t have the luxury of playing these “bloody violent” fps games. I think my first fps game was ChexQuest which was a copy of doom and wolfenstein, but with goo monsters instead of nazis and zombies. Same everything. Same guns reskinned, same level design and structure, same secrets. I loved it. I died a lot, but I actually learned how to be cautious and actually play with skill. The next somewhat FPS game I played was Thief 1. Same level design with a few less secrets, more objective based levels. Again still hard and required you to play cautiously.

Fast forward to today and we have mass produced FPS games you can w + mouse 1 all the way through. There are a few diamond in the rough FPS games that pay tribute to the back-in-the-day ones but either cater more towards the true rogue players where you have to sit in one spot for 10 mins figuring out the guard patrols, or those that cater to current day players with oldschool design but modern day mechanics with things like health regen.

Fortunately, and this rings true for all game genres, Kickstarter is popping out a lot of indie games that stay true to what has been working for the past 20 years. How? Crowd funding. The people know what they want and the devs listen. That is why a lot of 15$ indie games are worth more to people than the 60$ franchise games.


The Call of Duty and Battlefield games seem to be really popular, but they don’t do anything for me. I don’t know why this is, I think most of the military stuff got burned out of me back in my Counter-Strike days.

…or maybe I’m still having flashbacks to 'Nam.

At any rate, I’m still finding more cult-like or indie-style FPS games to my liking, the latest of which was Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which is a campy 80s throwback starring Michael Beihn from The Terminator:

It is hilarious, constantly making fun of itself and making references to 80’s pop-culture. I’d take that over CoD and Halo any day.