Contingencies That Don't Suck

There is nothing quite like having your own words used against you. In this instance, my writing was quite literally selling someone else’s guild. It wasn’t enough that Herp Derp slashed our roster and ransacked our guild vault. They couldn’t even write their own mission statement without using CTRL+C / CTRL+V. But they were far from done. For if there is an opportunity to exploit a guild’s generosity, Herp Derp made it their mission to exploit it.

in drought

Doesn’t seem like this can be in a verb form so needs to be “in a drought”

the days I claim that most of my “leadership” amounted to walking in the shadow of folks like Ater.

Just because the “walked in the shadow” analogy was used in the previous paragraph, how about a different one like “taking cues from” for this?

Herp Derp made it their mission to exploit it.

For redundancy’s sake “Herp Derp made it their mission to do so.”

For once, the Blizzard’s design might actually work in our favor.

Remove “the”

Blaine out for Xane

Typo on Blain or was that his actual character’s name, I don’t recall since pretty much all of his alts were Klocker-esque (Blain, Blaine, Blainne, etc)

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Like you idea, but applied it to the preceding paragraph, rather than the Ater one.

All other edits rolled up.

I knew this would catch up with me eventually. I’ve stuck to “Blain” for the purposes of the blog, but yeah…his many alternate spellings keep creeping back in.


Ctrl+F Blain, Replace All, Blainenenenennnnee or “some asshole”

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