I love cinemagraphs and recently decided I had time to try and make one. What do you all think? The original video has his fire reflection zoom in a bit so it was hard keeping the detail in the fire while also putting it on a non-moving image. I almost wanted to put in real fire but that would be too odd in a cartoon style game.


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That’s great. You should post it here before I do.

I did but I’m new to reddit still and dunno all the ways to post. I just did a new post and then linked the image in the post because I wanted a little description. But I guess I could have just linked the image for the thumbnail, and then replied to my own post with details.

I’ve seen it done both ways. The only downside to the latter, replying with a description is that if you get a lot of comments and your description doesn’t get many upvotes then it could get lost.

I don’t mind either way for my first one. I have a few ideas on the next one. Now that I am actually awake and it isn’t 1 in the morning the loop on the fire actually looks pretty good. I’m surprised I don’t see these on websites more often. A lot of the classic movie cinemagraph are done perfectly. This is the future man. Harry Potter had it done right and so did Serenity (Firefly - moving gravestone pic).

I was going through reddit and someone had a marvelous idea. He wanted an interactive cinemagraph. The solution, to to change the opacity of gifs on top of each other to show only that cinemagraph. So you have have several cinemagraphs of the same scene with different focal points all shown in one spot, and then moving the mouse over lets say the hair would only show the hair moving.

Made another one. Less exciting but more relevant towards what a Cinemagraph is. In retrospect, there is almost too much moving. I think I might redo it with just the minigun spinning and nothing else. This gets harder and harder to do when the whole body moves at once for an emotion.


Another Pyro one. This took me a longer amount of time until a Redditor pointed out some techniques which could have made this a whole lot easier to do.

Sort of a necro but this applies heavily and I’d rather not do a new topic when I can reply here and get you guys to look at my work again. Also this might be a thing for Shawn to add support in Discourse for in HTML5 browsers.