Browser Games

Forklift Reverse Wheelie -

Fuck this fucking addictive game!!!

Dojo of Death -

My best forklift reverse wheelie was 15.6 seconds so far.

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2084 -

6092 Best thus far (only time to try once =/ )

3088 is about all I can manage before it becomes homework.

Stretches the definition of “game” but…

7064 – I was bored for 20 mins and kept retrying. plays again

16680 top score so far. Came quite close and I gotta beat it.

Finally! Coming really close twice drove me crazy so I had to come back today.

Calm down, nerd.

Yea, ummm hate to tell you but that game was totally two days ago, we’ve all moved on.

No jelly here either. Nope. None.

Haters gonna hate. I can’t live with incomplete things so I had to wrap it up.

Minimalism + Video Games =

Ok, so I guess there is a little bit of controversy surrounding 2048 being one of many clones that ripped off Threes:

Threes developers note that they think 2048 is a broken game, as it is too easy to beat. No one has yet to “beat” Threes, which was designed to be played “over many months, if not years.” They are happy with Threes success, but feel that players haven’t had time to digest and understand the game’s systems before clones began appearing and capitalizing on its success.

So, may I present: Threes (somewhat official browser port)

I just played 2048 threes without realizing what threes was the other day.

Jesus Christ.

this plays a lot more differently, too. it doesnt slide until you hit the wall, it just moves 1