Bless the Beasts and Children

I sent messages directly to guildies and ordered them out of /general if I caught them chatting up. This meant I had to be in /general – it was the only way to monitor for the behavior, culling it as quickly as it appeared. Lucky me. In order to keep the peace, I had to wade in to the filth, forced to listen to other guilds rant and rave in there inimitable Deathwing-US style. I tuned it out, yet it was a distraction nonetheless, always catching my eye, causing me to look away from Mature’s positioning, watching for a recognizable name and being forced to deal with it.

I did not expect what I saw next.

Deindividuation bred with online anonymity granted

Change “with” to “when”

And because I knew that games weren’t the source of the world’s malevolence, but was a medium that allowed it.

Remove “And because” here as it makes it seem like a sentence fragment, expecting “and because this, this happened” but there isn’t any in that sentence.

Eventually, we converted back to a normal

Remove “a”

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This is actually intended, as in ‘breeding rottweilers with dobermans’.

Ah gotcha, maybe a comma after anonymity then to break it up?

The “Chics that Click” discussed this blog post in a recent podcast: