Is anyone planning on playing? Wildstar was a flop to me… I’d rather come out of my 5.5 year retirement of WoW. I’ve been playing beta of ArcheAge and it finally feels like a different MMO instead of a WOW clone.

I haven’t heard of this. What’s the 411? Bullet points, interesting things of note, what makes it different than all the rest?

Just one view in this video… he’s honest on both sides of good and bad. Check out some of the other ArcheAge play videos… it’s pretty different and heavy on trade and crafting.

Interesting I’ll have to check it out.

It’s also free to play… or optional pay to play with small benefits like owning land and labor point regen while you are logged off.

I’m definitely going to be checking it out, I really like thats its F2P because chances are i’m going to be picking it up and putting it back down quite often. I have definitely reverted into a casual gamer since I stopped raiding :slight_smile:

Ditto… and if for whatever reason I have time on my hands and pick up gaming more, I’ll gladly invest in it if I really like it.
I brought it up here for obvious reasons… to play with like minded individuals.

Do they approve in chunks for beta or what?

seems so what decent, Korean MMO though? lol. i doubt i will give this game a try, but i hope you guys like it. atm, i re-living it up in EQ1 and liking it. not sure if i will try EQ Next when it comes out, but from after seeing SOE’s information last week… it seems worth a try, especially since it will be FtP just like all other games they have made/making.

yeah… random beta invites. They just released the 4th beta invites today via email. I might have a second account with beta access if anyone want to try it. I have a few guys from work that want to give it a try too, so you’ll have to coord access with them.

Yup got a beta invite today for Closed Beta 4. And it only runs for 5 days. We are not amused.

I’ll check it out but I won’t get much out of it in that time frame.

Whoa, they have a 30% catgirl class AND the armor in the video has some gigantic cleavage?

I might have to try it out now huh…


Not digging the labor system; I wouldn’t mind so much if the labor points regen’d while you were offline…but they don’t. If the draw was the crafting/farming/building system, why limit it so much?

I believe thats part of the F2P gimmick. Premium status makes labor points regen when offline, and IIRC at a faster rate?

Seems like an interesting game, pirating seems like it could be quite fun :slight_smile:

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Open beta tomorrow… game starts 16 Sep.

@klocker speaks the truth… for the same cost as WoW, you can regen 5 labor points per 5 mins while offline and 10 while online… or you can do what I did in beta: just don’t log off while you sleep/work for a day… as long as you are afk in game, you gain labor points.

Glyph is being a bitch. Can’t log into account from computer but can from phone.

So doesn’t sound like enough interest to start a DoD guild in the game… If I had the time I’d build it, but my current job for the next 3 years will take up most of the free time I had before. I’m looking around for mature guilds for us to gather in. So far, I found one group that’s been together for 7 years and seems good and very interested in the game. They are called BACKBONE (lame name, I know). I join the guild in beta. They seem fairly helpful.

So thoughts? Build in the DoD name from scratch or join a dedicated guild? I think it’ll be important to have a strong start for the initial owning land rush.

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FYI: I’m on Kyrios