A Series of Unfortunate Events

Q. Why not just let casual players get rewards comparable to those from raids?

A. It would be almost impossible for us to do, and this is a philosophical decision. We need to put a structure in place for players where they feel that if they do more difficult encounters, they’ll get rewarded for it. As soon as we give more equal rewards across the board, for a lot of players it will diminish the accomplishment of killing something like Nefarian.

Why not just let casual players get

I may be picking nits but the “just” here is bothering me. “Why not let” sounds better. I understand why the “just” is there, but it reads as off. I have no justification other than that.

The tradeoffs is that you lose everyone looking different

Single trade-off here. Also, my spell check says that should be hyphenated, Google seems to agree.