8YIA Across the 'Net

You guys know what my blog posting schedule is by now. I make new posts each week: Thursday is the “early preview” intended for you guys (and the hopelessly addicted) to reviewing, checking for typos, validating accuracy, etc. Then, I share the hell out of it across the Internet the following Tuesday.

Currently, these are all of the places I “share” it out to. Please recommend new places if you have a good idea!

Additionally, here are places that it has been posted or shown up and discussed:

Good stuff.

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Thursday is the “early preview” intended for guys

you guys*

God DAMN i’m a good editor. Don’t have anything else to offer though, MMO champ is the only place i still look at for wow news.


you guys*

you guys, and Klocker*

Re-corrected as we’re still unsure what to categorize you as.

I see traffic spiking today as a result of another reddit thread:


An ex-guild leader, Kurn, has posted a link from her blog to 8YIA: http://kurn.apotheosis-now.com/?p=2611

Pinned and updated with the Chicks That Click podcast appearance, along with the recent Kotaku and Polygon articles.

This was also pretty cool, spotted by Neps:

I’ve been sharing some of these articles. I’m super happy it’s taking off in this way!

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Updated the OP with a link to the GameRant article that @Onionscoop found.

Fantastic read. I can’t tell which I appreciate more, the nostalgia and emotions in which the article stirred up inside of me, or the sheer honesty and sincerity of the post. Not only did you distract me for a week at work, but you inspired me to create a Shaman on Deathwing in the hopes of being a part of a guild with such history embedded deep withing the roots of WoW’s inception. As weird as it sounds, just being in the guild with some of the people who you mention in your blog almost makes me feel as if I’m surrounded by celebrities. I am glad to be a part of DoD now, and hope to get to know each of you in the coming days.

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